Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kdrama Spinoffs!

Sometimes while I watch Kdramas, I catch myself imagining spinoff television shows based on the characters. Does anyone else do this? Just me? Well, some of my imaginary spinoffs are more desirable than others, but here are a few (mostly joking) spinoffs that have crossed my mind of late:

1. Koreans in Sombreros: The Yeo Jin Story

Lost love! Lost limbs! Frantic wedding day car chases!

C'mon. A Cunning Single Lady/Sly and Single Again prequel featuring Yeo Jin's ill-fated first love would be like a telenovela having babies with a soapy, melo Kdrama. In other words, incredibly trashy, but totally addicting. Can we add in a birth secret for good measure? Sure! Why not dream big?

2. Mastah Chep

I envision this as a cooking reality show where Lee Chun Hee and Gong Hyo Jin each head up teams of competing chefs. The two actors would, of course, take on their previous roles from Dating Agency: Cyrano and Pasta, respectively.

3. Noodles for Young Do

My brother-in-law happened to see bits and pieces of Heirs, and he later asked me, "Why is that Young Do kid so obsessed with noodles? Is that code for going steady?"

Well, in this spinoff, Young Do would throw off the shackles of being a hotel heir and open his own noodle restaurant by the sea. In the process, he would discover inner peace, and, of course, love. A Korean noodle company could fund the project in exchange for delicious product placement. Kim Woo Bin ain't cheap, you know.

4. Barassi's Playhouse!

Why does this dog not have his own children's show? WHY? It's been a while since I learned how to count to ten, but I bet his furry face would have been great motivation.

Oh, and P.S., in this spinoff, Barassi can fly.

5. The Adventures of Geol Oh and Yeorim

This actually isn't a joke. This is a serious ongoing fantasy. Hurry up and get into the army, Yoo Ah In! The sooner you go, the sooner you and Song Joong Ki can be reunited in magnificent glory. 

Who do I have to pay to make this happen? Oh, wait, I'm too poor for that. Which chaebols are available for Coco to marry so that she can bankroll this project? Because I'm usually opposed to selling out my friends, but I might make an exception to see this wonder on the screen.


  1. no. 1...yes, please if it means having Ricky Kim (husband) on my screen.

  2. YEP! Sign me up immediately for "Geol Oh and Yeorim" -- as I watch each new Yoo Ah In drama (and I do: I watch them all) my heart still pines excessively for Geol-Oh. I want more Geol-Oh in whatever way I can get it. Good plan, good plan. :-)

  3. As long as you don't mind watching him get smashed to smithereens, sure! While we're making up shows, I'll also promise lots of romance before the tragedy begins.

  4. I'm afraid to watch more Yoo Ah In because I know that I really just want Geol Oh's own show.

  5. Ee Jung and Ga Eul's own love story from Boys over Flowers.

  6. I'd be happy to marry a chaebol to make that last one happen, too. (Or, really, any of them.)

  7. Done! That whole dead/not dead storyline can take AT LEAST four or five episodes.

  8. Now we just need to figure out how one goes about capturing chaebols. Are you willing to move to Korea and work as a food delivery person? Because that seems like a surefire plan.

  9. I'm no Kdrama expert, but I think I can throw in a few cliches, flashbacks and noble idiocy. I think I can work on her bionic leg, too.

  10. I really want some kind of Jeremy and Enrique buddy comedy. I would also like to see Hye Sung and Soo Ha from I Can Hear Your Voice go up against Vampire Prosecutor.

  11. Oh my gosh! An I Hear Your Voice/ Vampire Prosecutor mashup would be amazing! Jeremy and Enrique might explode the screen with cute.

  12. I will volunteer myself to move to Korea (need a few more Korean lessons) to make the Jeremy/Enrique story come to fruition! Who doesn't love those two happy go lucky silly boys (they have grown a little)? Passport check, Korean (almost there), arrive and get a job delivering to chaebols....everyone likes black bean could I go wrong there? But how to get them home with a scooter??? Well maybe need a little more planning!

  13. I really want this too. Those 2 were magic together. I don't like Joon ki in anything else, cos he is too serious. But love Yeorim. Geol Oh was my choice the whole way.

  14. Flower boy Ramen shop needs a spin off too. More flower boys in the ramen shop please. With daddy being daddy.


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