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New Kdrama Alert: Marriage without Love (Marriage, Not Dating)

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I don't know what it is about summer, but it makes me want to start a billion romantic comedies. I can't stop! I no sooner finished You Are All Surrounded than I randomly picked up Marriage without Love/Marriage, Not Dating. This is where I draw the line, though! I'm not allowed to start any new dramas until something else ends. I'm falling behind as it is!

I had heard very little about this drama, and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because Dramabeans didn't start recapping it until after I started watching. Whatever the case, here's an overview for those of you who, like me, might have missed the memo on this one:

Overview: Marriage without Love stars Yeon Woo Jin (aka the sad murderous guy in Arang and the Magistrate) as Gong Gi Tae, a successful, grumpy plastic surgeon who doesn't want to get married. Han Groo (who it took me a solid three episodes to recognize as the girl from Killer Girl K--maybe because she wasn't dripping with blood?) is Joo Jang Mi, a girl who wants revenge on the guy who broke her heart. Because of some utterly nonsensical reasons, they decide to fake a relationship. Toss in a love hexagon, and you've got the show.

Thoughts so far: Okay, so the plot isn't exactly groundbreaking. In fact, the reasoning for the fake relationship is worse than usual in this one. I get that he wants to keep his house, but seriously. You're a freaking adult. Put on your big boy pants and just say you don't want to get married. 

Even though the entire show is one enormous cliche, I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far. The leads have nice, believable chemistry that makes this the perfect throwaway summer show. Han Groo's character could be my worst nightmare, but the actress is pulling it off with just enough attitude to make me like her. I will say, though, that she needs to grow a backbone and start saying no to people pretty soon here. Otherwise, we may end up with a Personal Taste situation on our hands.

The love hexagon is fun for a light comedy. I mean, the less said about Jung Jin Woon's acting, the better (Let's just say that his face is very pretty and leave it at that), but overall, it's a fluffy show that--so far--seems to understand what people want from a fluffy show. I can appreciate that.

P.S. The cold open on episode 6: Clever undermining of audience expectations, or mean writers playing tricks on the audience?

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  1. I watched the first two episodes, and while I enjoyed it and think it is well written and acted, it just didn't hook me. I plan on picking it back up again after finishing one of the dramas I'm already watching though, because it really does look pretty good.

  2. 'Marriage Not Dating' is a breath of fresh air. I'm really loving this show. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon when I had nothing to do, I had no expectations whatsoever, and I was happily, pleasantly surprised.. Let me say, Han Groo is really pulling her weight, she brought tears from my eyes during episode 1 which NEVER happens to me, as I usually take time to warm up to the characters.

    Most of all, I like how the drama dispels Kdrama cliches. The way this drama handles it is also fresh, atypical and realistic. I hope the show keeps its momentum going until the end.

  3. This drama is very interesting and fresh, I start watching it from the beginning and waiting for it every week, I just hope the writer did a good job til it's end...

  4. That sounds like my experience, as well. No real expectations going into it, and I was pleasantly surprised. So far, the pace seems to be pretty good, so let's hope that lasts!

  5. I've been hearing good things about this show if one is looking for a light, fluffy watch. Sadly, I am not current on any dramas I'm watching, so I shan't start it, even though I want to :/

  6. You have much more fortitude than I do. I keep telling myself that I'm not THAT far behind on my other dramas...

  7. DUDE, I'm TOTALLY in love with this drama.. it's just soooo addicting and I love the characters.. True enough.. I'm not a fan of Jin Woon but his face is pretty.. Loving KiTae and the romance, though.. True said, ep 6 did have one heck of an opening. I love the way they do that, too, though. So cool. Wish this drama was already finished airing ... I just wanna watch it ALL THE TIME!!!!!

  8. ㅋㅋ Yeah...I think I would probably start it if I had some time...but seeing as I haven't watched anything else that I've started, we can just call my "fortitude" no time to watch ;)

  9. I kept reading people's tweets raving about this drama but kept telling myself I couldn't pick up yet ANOTHER currently airing drama, but I ended up checking out the first episode and then just got hooked. I caught up to the first 3 weeks and now I'm watching it as it airs. It's so good!

  10. Great drama! Beautiful acting! lovely story! ❤✌

  11. As a newer k-drama fan, I never ever watching currently-airing shows. I only started watching dramas in April, and I have a list of 40 dramas in my queue on drama fever alone. (Let's not talk about how many I've already binge-watched because it's seriously a lot, lol.) But the inner rom com addict in me kept hearing a lot of good things about this series and I couldn't resist. I've watched all 10 episodes that have aired, and it's hook, line, and sinker for me. I'm almost enjoying it as much as I enjoyed Lie to Me, so it will be interesting to see how my feelings hold up as the last six episodes air. I can say, without a doubt, that I don't have second male lead syndrome in this drama at all, which is also surprising for me.

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