Sunday, January 29, 2017

New K-drama Alert: Introverted Boss (My Shy Boss), Missing 9, and Voice

Given that 2016 was the Year of the Dropped K-drama, I'm determined to choose my shows more wisely this time around. Enter the latest batch of dramas. While I haven't had time to give everything a try yet, I do have some first impressions on a few: Introverted Boss (aka My Shy Boss), Missing 9, and Voice. These three dramas couldn't be farther apart in terms of style, genre, and tone, and I was a little surprised by which ones are working so far.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

2016: The Year of the Dropped K-drama

Is there a deadline on how long after the new year you can still post about the previous year in review? I'm pretty sure I've already pooped out on most of my New Year's resolutions, but here I am, still thinking about all of the dramas I watched (and didn't watch) in 2016.

It doesn't help that Coco and I have been on opposite vacation schedules with one or the other of us out of town pretty much every week since Thanksgiving, but the bigger issue is that crowning winners (and losers) in a traditional "best of" post kept me pretty stumped this time around. 2016 was just a weird year for my drama watching, and so I'm dubbing 2016...

The Year of the Dropped K-drama!

When I first started watching dramas 4+ years ago, there was no way I could bring myself to quit a series early. I was a finisher, and if I didn't bail within my 2-episode grace period, I was in it to win it (or lose it, if I was trying to slog through the likes of Marry Him If You Dare).

Not anymore.

Over the span of 2016, I dropped more shows than any previous year. In fact, I dropped more shows than I actually finished. So instead of trying to rank a whole buncha shows that I never saw through to the end, I'm going to remember 2016 with a list of every show I didn't finish.

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